Register Connection Pool

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For this to work, you will need three things, a JDBC driver, your own properly configured database properties file and the wickedfastsolutions connection pool in your classpath. The wickedfastsolutions connection pool is considered part of the dependencies and are already included in the generated dist/jar files.


- JDBC driver (appropriate for your database)

- doc/

- dist/classes.jar (most likely already on your classpath)





import com.wickedfastsolutions.commons.pool.component.api.ObjectFactory;
import com.wickedfastsolutions.commons.pool.component.api.RegistrationException;
public class Application
    public static void main(final String[] args) throws RegistrationException
    // binds the connection pool to the supplied jndi name
    // the jndi name must match the dataSourceName in your schema
    private static void registerDatabase() throws RegistrationException