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12/30/2016 - The current version of the software is 3.4.1

Please upgrade if you are not using the latest version of the software.


Last Updated: 11-15-2016


The purpose of the speed training series is to quickly get you familiar with the Wickedfast Solutions software without having to invest a large amount of time in learning it and by using a hands on approach. Most people learn best by doing, so lets solve some common problems by following a series of steps and by the end you should of learned a lot about how to use the software.


The training requires that you have at least a demo version of the software. To obtain a free demo, just visit the main website at and enter in your  email address and click on the "TRY FOR FREE NOW" button. You will then receive an email describing how to download the software.


Installing the Software


Step 1.


Download the and unzip it to your desktop.





Step 2.


Double-Click on the start.exe and you should see the following window.


Just make sure the Days Remaining > 0.


The Days Remaining is 49 in the screenshot below.





Step 3.


Type SchemaGenerator -help into the console.


Type CodeGenerator -help into the console.


The screenshot below shows the command line options available to each application.





That's it!


You have now installed the Wickedfast Solutions tools.