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When defining a schema the root element must be named schema and the packageScope attribute is required.


For example:


<schema packageScope="com.wickedfastsolutions.demo"></schema>


The following attributes can be applied to the root element of the schema.



- packageScope* com.<company name>.<project name>

- targetNamespace <urn>


- mode [FailFast] (FailFast|FaultTolerant)

- interleaving [false] (true|false)


- catalog <database name>

- dataSourceName <JNDI name>


- indent [4] <positive integer>

- charset [UTF-8] (ISO-8859-1|US-ASCII|UTF-8|UTF-16|UTF-16LE|windows-1252)


- includeXMLDocumentDeclaration [false] (true|false)

- includeDoctype [false] (true|false)

- includeComments [false] (true|false)

- outputEmptyTags [false] (true|false)