Tutorial 03 - Generate a schema from a relational database.

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12/30/2016 - The current version of the software is 3.4.1

Please upgrade if you are not using the latest version of the software.


Last Updated: 12-05-2016


In this tutorial, we will use the SchemaGenerator to generate a schema from the northwind sample database.


You can read more about the northwind database at the following url.





Step 1


Save the file http://www.wickedfastsolutions.com/resources/northwind.zip to your desktop.


Step 2


Unzip the northwind.zip archive to your desktop and double-click the database.exe to launch it.




You should see the following console window.





That's it!


You now have a sample running database (address localhost port 9092).


Step 3


Configure the SchemaGenerator to access the newly running sample database.


Save the file http://www.wickedfastsolutions.com/resources/h2-1.3.176.jar to your desktop.


Copy the h2-1.3.176.jar (driver) to the wickedfastsolutions-3.3.9/drivers/ directory.


Add the following xml configuration to the wickedfastsolutions-3.3.9/drivers/drivers.xml configuration file.


    <Driver name="NORTHWIND">








Step 4


Launch the SchemaGenerator by typing SchemaGenerator into the console.


Select the Database tab.


Select NORTHWIND from the database server drop-down.


Hit the Connect button.




Step 5


Click on the Generate Schema button. You should then get a schema that represents the database.






In the next tutorial we will use the schema to perform queries on the database.



Congratulations, you have just finished Tutorial-03!