Tutorial 04 - Accessing the Northwind Database

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12/30/2016 - The current version of the software is 3.4.1

Please upgrade if you are not using the latest version of the software.


Last Updated: 12-12-2016


In the last tutorial we used the SchemaGenerator to generate a schema for the Northwind database. In this tutorial we will compile the schema and then write a java program to access the database.


Step 1


Create a new folder on your desktop and call it schemas. Put the northwind-schema.xml file into it.


Step 2


Type the following text into the console:


CodeGenerator -schemaFolder ../../../schemas -outputFolder ../../../output


Step 3


Make sure that the CodeGenerator has created the following directories and files.











10. output/build/javadoc/

11. output/build/javadoc/index.html

12. output/build/src


#2 contains all the classes and dependencies required for the software to run

#3 contains just the compiled domain objects with no dependencies

#4 contains just the required dependencies

#7 contains the UIDS for mapping between domains

#8 contains a w3c version of the schema (in russian doll format)

#9 contains an overview of the number of lines of code generated

#11 contains the javadoc of the generated source code

#12 contains the generated source code



Now that you have compiled your schema and generated a model of the database, you may use that model to query, insert, update, and delete data from it.


Step 4


Make sure that the database server from Tutorial 03 is running. (Steps 1 and 2)


Step 5


Download and compile the following program to "select all EMPLOYEES" from the Northwind database.




To compile the program you will need the output/build/dist/classes.jar archive from Step 2


javac -cp classes.jar Tutorial04.java


To run the program you will need a copy of the h2 database driver and a copy of the northwind-database.properties








java -cp .;classes.jar;h2-1.3.176.jar Tutorial04



You should see 9 EMPLOYEES records printed out.





    <COMPANY>Northwind Traders</COMPANY>




    <JOB_TITLE>Sales Manager</JOB_TITLE>




    <ADDRESS>123 5th Avenue</ADDRESS>






    <NOTES>Joined the company as a sales representative and was promoted to sales manager.  Fluent in French.</NOTES>




Returned: 9 records




Congratulations, you have just finished Tutorial-04!